noun free·gan \ˈfrē-gən\

Definition of freegan

  1. :  an activist who scavenges for free food (as in waste receptacles at stores and restaurants) as a means of reducing consumption of resources


play \ˈfrē-gə-ˌni-zəm\ noun

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Did You Know?

Freegan is a blend of the adjective free (in the sense of "not costing or charging anything") and vegan, which developed in the mid-20th century to denote a vegetarian who not only avoids meat but other animal products, such as eggs and dairy, as well. While freegans are not necessarily vegans, the portmanteau freegan was likely influenced by the fact that both vegans and freegans often see their diets as an expression of anti-consumerism, concern for the impact of food production on the environment, and concern over the ethics of using animals for food.


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quaintly unconventional or refined

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