double album

Definition of double album

  1. :  a set of two records, CDs, etc. The band is releasing a double album later this year.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  having a twofold relation or character :  dual

    :  consisting of two usually combined members or parts

    :  being twice as great or as many

  1. :  to make twice as great or as many: such as

    :  to increase by adding an equal amount

    :  to amount to twice the number of

  1. :  to twice the extent or amount

    :  two together

    :  downward and forward from the usual position

  1. :  something twice the usual size, strength, speed, quantity, or value: such as

    :  a double amount

    :  a base hit that enables the batter to reach second base

  1. :  a book with blank pages used for making a collection (as of autographs, stamps, or photographs)

    :  a cardboard container for a phonograph record :  jacket

    :  one or more recordings (as on tape or disc) produced as a single unit

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