dead battery

Definition of dead battery

  1. a battery that has no more electricity

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  deprived of life :  no longer alive

    :  having the appearance of death :  deathly

    :  lacking power to move, feel, or respond :  numb

  1. :  someone who is no longer alive :  one that is dead (see 1dead 1)

    :  the state of being dead

    :  the time of greatest quiet

  1. :  absolutely, utterly

    :  suddenly and completely

    :  directly

  1. :  the act of beating someone or something with successive blows :  the act of battering (see 1batter 1)

    :  an offensive touching or use of force on a person without the person's consent — compare assault 2a

    :  a grouping of artillery pieces for tactical (see tactical 1a(1)) purposes

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to criticize severely

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