dangerous ground/territory

Definition of dangerous ground/territory

  1. :  a situation in which a person may do or say something that will have a bad result, make people angry, etc. As the conversation turned to politics, I knew we were heading into dangerous territory. You know you're treading on dangerous ground, don't you?

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  involving possible injury, pain, harm, or loss :  characterized by danger

    :  able or likely to inflict injury or harm

  1. :  the bottom of a body of water

    :  sediment

    :  ground coffee beans after brewing

  1. :  to bring to or place on the ground

    :  to cause to run aground

    :  to provide a reason or justification for

  1. : past tense and past participle ofgrind

  1. :  a geographic area belonging to or under the jurisdiction of a governmental authority

    :  an administrative subdivision of a country

    :  a part of the U.S. not included within any state but organized with a separate legislature

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to criticize severely

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