crowning glory

Definition of crowning glory

  1. :  the most interesting or important thing that something or someone has to offer The town's crowning glory is its old cathedral. He intends this movie to be the crowning glory of his career as a filmmaker.

Word by Word Definitions

crownplay crowning
  1. :  a reward of victory or mark of honor

    :  the title representing the championship in a sport

    :  a royal or imperial headdress or cap of sovereignty :  diadem

  1. :  to place a crown or wreath on the head of

    :  to invest with regal dignity and power

    :  to recognize officially as

  1. :  praise, honor, or distinction extended by common consent :  renown

    :  worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving

    :  something that secures praise or renown

  1. : used to express surprise or delight

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