crash test dummy

Definition of crash test dummy

  1. :  a life-size model of a person used in tests to see what happens to people when a car gets into an accident

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to break violently and noisily :  smash

    :  to damage (an airplane) in landing

    :  to cause to make a loud noise

  1. :  a loud sound (as of things smashing)

    :  a breaking to pieces by or as if by collision

    :  an instance of crashing

  1. :  marked by a concerted effort and effected in the shortest possible time especially to meet emergency conditions

  1. :  a coarse fabric used for draperies, toweling, and clothing and for strengthening joints of cased-in books

  1. :  cupel

    :  a critical examination, observation, or evaluation :  trial

    :  the procedure of submitting a statement to such conditions or operations as will lead to its proof or disproof or to its acceptance or rejection

  1. :  of, relating to, or constituting a test

    :  subjected to, used for, or revealed by testing

  1. :  to put to test or proof :  try

    :  to require a doctrinal oath of

    :  to undergo a test

  1. :  an external hard or firm covering (such as a shell) of many invertebrates (such as a foraminifer or a mollusk)

  1. :  a person who is habitually silent

    :  a stupid person

    :  the exposed hand in bridge played by the declarer in addition to his or her own hand

  1. :  having the appearance of being real :  artificial

    :  existing in name only :  fictitious

    :  apparently acting for oneself while really acting for or at the direction of another

  1. :  to make a dummy (see 1dummy 5) of (as a publication)

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