consenting adult


Definition of consenting adult


  1. :  a person who is legally considered old enough to decide to have sex :  an adult who has consented to have sex

Word by Word Definitions

consentplay consenting
  1. :  to give assent or approval :  agree

    :  to be in concord in opinion or sentiment

  1. :  compliance in or approval of what is done or proposed by another :  acquiescence

    :  agreement as to action or opinion

    :  voluntary agreement by a people to organize a civil society and give authority to the government

  1. :  fully developed and mature :  grown-up

    :  of, relating to, intended for, or befitting adults

    :  dealing in or with explicitly sexual material

  1. :  one that is adult

    :  a human being after an age (such as 21) specified by law

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