noun chil·i·ad \ˈki-lē-ˌad, -əd\

Definition of chiliad

  1. 1 :  a group of 1000

  2. 2 :  millennium 2a

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Did You Know?

What's the difference between a chiliad and a millennium? Not much: both words refer to a period of 1000 years. While millennium is more widely used, chiliad is actually older. It first appeared in 1598 and was originally used to mean a group of 1000, as in a chiliad of errors. Millennium didn't make its way into written English until the 1630s. Not surprisingly, both words trace back to roots that mean thousand. Millennium comes from the Latin mille, and chiliad is a descendent of the Greek chilioi.

Origin and Etymology of chiliad

Late Latin chiliad-, chilias, from Greek, from chilioi thousand

First Known Use: 1598

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contemplative of or relative to the past

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