candy cane


Definition of candy cane


  1. :  a stick of hard red and white candy with a curve at the top

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  crystallized sugar formed by boiling down sugar syrup

    :  a confection made with sugar and often flavoring and filling

    :  a piece of such confection

  1. :  to encrust in or coat with sugar

    :  to cook (something, such as fruit or fruit peel) in a heavy syrup until glazed

    :  to make attractive :  sweeten

  1. :  a hollow or pithy, usually slender, and often flexible jointed stem (as of a reed or bamboo)

    :  any of various slender woody stems

    :  an elongated flowering or fruiting stem (as of a rose) usually arising directly from the ground

  1. :  to beat with a cane

    :  to weave or furnish with cane

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