built-in/planned obsolescence

Definition of built-in/planned obsolescence

  1. :  the practice of making or designing something (such as a car) in such a way that it will only be usable for a short time so that people will have to buy another one

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  forming an integral part of a structure or object

    :  constructed as or in a recess in a wall

    :  built into the ground

  1. :  a built-in piece of furniture

planplay planned
  1. :  a drawing or diagram drawn on a plane: such as

    :  a top or horizontal view of an object

    :  a large-scale map of a small area

  1. :  to arrange the parts of :  design

    :  to devise or project the realization or achievement of

    :  to have in mind :  intend

  1. :  the process of becoming obsolete or the condition of being nearly obsolete

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