bottle/bleached/peroxide blonde

Definition of bottle/bleached/peroxide blonde

  1. :  someone whose hair has been made blond through the use of chemicals a bottle/bleached/peroxide blonde

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a rigid or semirigid container typically of glass or plastic having a comparatively narrow neck or mouth and usually no handle

    :  a usually bottle-shaped container made of skin for storing a liquid

    :  the quantity held by a bottle

  1. :  to confine as if in a bottle :  restrain

    :  to put into or as if into a bottle

bleachplay bleached
  1. :  to remove color or stains from

    :  to make whiter or lighter especially by physical or chemical removal of color

    :  to remove, make dull, or sanitize as if by removing color

  1. :  the act or process of bleaching

    :  a preparation used in bleaching

    :  the degree of whiteness obtained by bleaching

  1. :  a compound (such as hydrogen peroxide) in which oxygen is visualized as joined to oxygen

  1. :  to treat with a peroxide

    :  to bleach (hair) with hydrogen peroxide

  1. :  having or being bleached hair

  1. :  of a flaxen, golden, light auburn, or pale yellowish-brown color

    :  having blond hair

    :  of a light color

  1. :  a light yellowish brown to dark grayish yellow

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