auction house

Definition of auction house

  1. :  a business that runs auctions She works as an auctioneer at an auction house.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a sale of property to the highest bidder

    :  the act or process of bidding in some card games

  1. :  to sell at auction

  1. :  a building that serves as living quarters for one or a few families :  home

    :  a shelter or refuge (as a nest or den) of a wild animal

    :  a natural covering (as a test or shell) that encloses and protects an animal or a colony of zooids

  1. :  to provide with living quarters or shelter

    :  to store in a building

    :  to encase, enclose, or shelter as if by putting in a house (see 1house)

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a dividing ridge between drainage areas

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