noun aqua·naut \ˈä-kwə-ˌnȯt, ˈa-, -ˌnät\

Definition of aquanaut

  1. :  a scuba diver who lives and operates both inside and outside an underwater shelter for an extended period

Did You Know?

Aquanaut combines aqua with the Greek nautes, meaning "sailor". Like astronaut and aeronaut, the word may remind you of those mythical Greek heroes known as the Argonauts, who sailed with Jason on his ship, the Argo, in quest of the Golden Fleece. Various underwater habitats for aquanauts, such as Conshelf, SEALAB, and MarineLab, have captured the public imagination since the 1960s.

Origin and Etymology of aquanaut

Latin aqua + English -naut (as in aeronaut)

First Known Use: 1881

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