a stroke of work

Definition of a stroke of work


  1. :  any work at all They haven't done a stroke of work all day.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to rub gently in one direction

    :  caress

    :  to flatter or pay attention to in a manner designed to reassure or persuade

  1. :  the act of striking

    :  a blow with a weapon or implement

    :  a single unbroken movement

  1. :  to mark with a short line

    :  to cancel by drawing a line through

    :  to set the stroke for (a rowing crew)

  1. :  activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something:

    :  sustained physical or mental effort to overcome obstacles and achieve an objective or result

    :  the labor, task, or duty that is one's accustomed means of livelihood

  1. :  used for work

    :  suitable or styled for wear while working

    :  involving or engaged in work

  1. :  to bring to pass :  effect

    :  to fashion or create a useful or desired product by expending labor or exertion on :  forge, shape

    :  to make or decorate with needlework

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