a bull in a china shop

Definition of a bull in a china shop

  1. :  a person who breaks things or who often makes mistakes or causes damage in situations that require careful thinking or behavior As a politician, he was a bull in a china shop and often had to apologize for his rough speech.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a male bovine

    :  an adult uncastrated male domestic bovine

    :  a usually adult male of various large animals (such as elephants, whales, or seals)

  1. :  of or relating to a bull

    :  male

    :  suggestive of a bull

  1. :  to advance forcefully

    :  to act on with violence

    :  force

  1. :  a solemn papal letter sealed with a bulla or with a red-ink imprint of the device on the bulla

    :  edict, decree

  1. :  to fool especially by fast boastful talk

    :  to engage in idle and boastful talk

  1. :  a grotesque blunder in language

    :  empty boastful talk

    :  nonsense

  1. :  porcelain

    :  vitreous porcelain wares (such as dishes, vases, or ornaments) for domestic use

    :  earthenware or porcelain tableware

  1. :  a handicraft establishment :  atelier

    :  a building or room stocked with merchandise for sale :  store

    :  a small retail establishment or a department in a large one offering a specified line of goods or services

  1. :  to examine goods or services with intent to buy

    :  to hunt through a market in search of the best buy

    :  to make a search :  hunt

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