United States of America

geographical name \yu̇-ˈnī-təd-ˈstāts, especially Southern ˈyü-ˌ\
variants: or

United States

\yu̇-ˈnī-təd-ˈstāts, especially Southern ˈyü-ˌ\play or




Definition of United States of America

  1. country (a federal republic) in North America bordering on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans; capital Washington area 3,531,905 square miles (9,147,634 square kilometers), population 308,745,538 A native or inhabitant of the United States of America is usually referred to as an American. Terms that are used infrequently or in special contexts include Columbian and United Statesian, while Yankee is sometimes used by people from other countries.

  1. —see also 1american

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