Special Branch


Definition of Special Branch

  1. :  the department of the British police force that deals with political crimes and terrorism

Word by Word Definitions

specialplay Special
  1. :  distinguished by some unusual quality

    :  being in some way superior

    :  held in particular esteem

  1. :  one that is used for a special service or occasion

    :  something (such as a television program) that is not part of a regular series

    :  a featured dish at a restaurant

branchplay Branch
  1. :  a natural subdivision of a plant stem

    :  a secondary shoot or stem (such as a bough) arising from a main axis (as of a tree)

    :  something that extends from or enters into a main body or source: such as

  1. :  to put forth secondary shoots or stems :  to put forth branches (see 1branch 1) :  ramify

    :  to extend in different directions from a main part or point :  to spring out (as from a main stem) :  diverge

    :  to follow one of two or more parts of a computer program executed as a result of a program decision :  to follow one of two or more branches (see 1branch 2e)

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