Xinjiang Uygur

geographical name Xin·jiang Uy·gur \ˈshin-ˈjyäŋ-ˈwē-gər\
variants: or

Sinkiang Uighur

\ˈshin-ˈjyäŋ-ˈwē-gər\play often shortened to




Definition of Xinjiang Uygur

  1. region (formerly a province) of western China between the Kunlun and Altai mountains and bordering Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir; capital Ürümqi area 635,829 square miles (1,653,154 square kilometers), population 21,815,815 In area, Xinjiang Uygur is the largest administrative unit of China.

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