noun Sep·tu·a·gint \sep-ˈtü-ə-jənt, -ˈtyü-; ˈsep-tə-wə-ˌjint\

Definition of Septuagint

  1. :  a Greek version of the Jewish Scriptures redacted in the third and second centuries b.c. by Jewish scholars and adopted by Greek-speaking Christians


play \(ˌ)sep-ˌtü-ə-ˈjin-təl, -ˌtyü-; ˌsep-tə-wə-\ adjective

Origin and Etymology of septuagint

Late Latin Septuaginta, from Latin, seventy, irregular from septem seven + -ginta (akin to Latin viginti twenty); from the approximate number of its translators — more at seven, vigesimal

First Known Use: 1633

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