Hong Kong

geographical name \ˈhäŋ-ˌkäŋ, -ˈkäŋ; ˈhȯŋ-ˌkȯŋ, -ˈkȯŋ\
variants: or Chinese



Hsiang Kang


Definition of Hong Kong

  1. special administrative region of China on the southeast coast east of the mouth of the Zhu River where it empties into the South China Sea; includes Hong Kong Island (area 29 square miles, or 75 square kilometers), Jiulong Peninsula, the New Territories, and nearby islands; formerly a British crown colony with Victoria as its capital area 424 square miles (1098 square kilometers), population 7,071,576

Hong Konger


HONG KONG Defined for English Language Learners

Hong Kong

geographical name \ˈhäŋ-ˌkäŋ, -ˈkäŋ; ˈhȯŋ-ˌkȯŋ, -ˈkȯŋ\

Definition of Hong Kong for English Language Learners

  • : region of China

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