biographical name Gus·tav \ˈgu̇s-ˌtäv\
variants: or


play \(ˌ)gə-ˈstā-vəs, -ˈstä-\

Definition of Gustav

  1. name of 6 kings of Sweden, the first 4 of the Vasa dynasty: I (Gustav Eriksson) 1496?–1560 (reigned 1523–60); II (Gustav Adolph) 1594–1632 (reigned 1611–32); III 1746–1792 (reigned 1771–92); IV (Gustav Adolph) 1778–1837 (reigned 1792–1809); V 1858–1950 (reigned 1907–50); VI (Gustav Adolph) 1882–1973 (reigned 1950–73)

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