Galilee, Sea of

geographical name \tī-ˈbir-ē-əs\\gə-ˈne-sə-ˌret, -rət\\ˈki-nə-ˌreth\\ˈyäm-ˈki-nə-ˌret\
variants: or modern

Lake Tiberias

play \tī-ˈbir-ē-əs\ or biblical

Lake of Gennesaret

play \gə-ˈne-sə-ˌret, -rət\ or

Sea of Tiberias


Sea of Chinnereth

play \ˈki-nə-ˌreth\ or Hebrew

Yam Kinneret

play \ˈyäm-ˈki-nə-ˌret\

Definition of Galilee, Sea of

  1. lake 13 miles (21 kilometers) long and 7 miles (11 kilometers) wide in northern Israel on the Syrian border traversed by the Jordan River; about 700 feet (212 meters) below sea level

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