noun Es·ki·mo \ˈe-skə-ˌmō\

Definition of Eskimo

  1. 1 plural Eskimo or Eskimos now sometimes offensive :  a member of a group of peoples of northern Canada, Greenland, Alaska, and eastern Siberia

  2. 2 now sometimes offensive :  any of the languages of the Eskimo peoples


play \ˌe-skə-ˈmō-ən\ adjective

Origin and Etymology of eskimo

obsolete Esquimawe, proibn from Spanish esquimao, from Montagnais (Algonquian language of eastern Canada) aiachkime8 Micmac, Eskimo; probably akin to modern Montagnais assime·w she laces a snowshoe, Ojibwa aškime·

First Known Use: 1584

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