geographical name Ap·pen·zell \ˈa-pən-ˌzel, ˈä-pən(t)-ˌsel\

Definition of Appenzell

  1. former canton of northeastern Switzerland, now divided into Appenzell Inner Rhodesplay \ˈrōdz\ play or German Appenzell Inner Rhoden \ˈi-nə(r)-ˈrō-dən\play (capital Appenzell area 67 square miles, or 174 square kilometers; population 15,000) and Appenzell Outer Rhodes or German Appenzell Ausser Rhoden \ˈau̇-sə(r)\play (capital Herisau area 94 square miles, or 243 square kilometers; population 53,200), which function as cantons

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