noun Al·gon·qui·an \al-ˈgän-kwē-ən, -ˈgäŋ-\
variants: or


play \-kwən\ or


play \-ˈgäŋ-kē-ən\ or less commonly


play \-ˈgäŋ-kən\

Definition of Algonquian

  1. 1 usually Algonquin a :  an American Indian people of the Ottawa River valleyb :  the dialect of Ojibwa spoken by these people

  2. 2 usually Algonquian a :  a family of American Indian languages spoken by peoples from Labrador to Carolina and westward into the Great Plainsb :  a member of the peoples speaking Algonquian languages

Origin and Etymology of algonquian

Canadian French Algoumequin, Algonquin, perhaps from Malecite-Passamaquoddy (Algonquian language of Maine and New Brunswick) elakómkwik they are our relatives

First Known Use: 1625

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