Definition of YOUTH

a male person who has not yet reached adulthood <a big, strapping youth who, even at his relatively young age, knew the meaning of hard work>
Synonyms boychick (or boychik), boyo [Irish], callant [chiefly Scottish], lad, laddie, nipper, shaveling, shaver, sonny, stripling, tad, youth
a young person who is between infancy and adulthood <rounded up the neighborhood youths and organized them into a softball team>
Synonyms bairn [chiefly Scottish], bambino, bud, chap [Southern & Midland], chick, cub, juvenile, kid, kiddie (also kiddy), kiddo, moppet, sprat, sprout, squirt, whelp, youngling, youngster, youth
Antonyms adult, grown-up
the state or time of being a child <told the young people to enjoy their youth while they could>
Antonyms adulthood

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