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Synonyms and Antonyms of ELDER

a person of advanced years <in that Asian society elders are accorded great respect>
Related Words gaffer, graybeard, patriarch, whitebeard; beldam (or beldame), dowager, grandam (or grandame); adult, grown-up; dotard
Near Antonyms adolescent, minor; child, cub, juvenile, kid, kiddie (also kiddy)
Antonyms youngster, youth
one who is above another in rank, station, or office <as your elder in the company, he is within his rights to tell you what to do>
Synonyms better, elder, senior
Related Words boss, chief, head, leader, master
Near Antonyms assistant, deputy
one who is older than another <it wouldn't hurt to show a little more respect for your elders>
Synonyms elder
Near Antonyms contemporary, peer; descendant (also descendent), successor
Antonyms junior
the senior member of a group <as the elder of the contingent of living former presidents, he was accorded a place of highest honor at the ceremonies>
Antonyms baby, junior


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