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Synonyms and Antonyms of putrefied

  1. having undergone organic breakdown <we had to throw out the putrefied tomatoes that had been sitting on the counter all week> Synonyms addled, bad, corrupted, decayed, decomposed, rotten, putrid, spoiledRelated Words curdled, fermented, off, rancid, rank, sour, soured, sourish, turned; contaminated, defiled, fouled, impure, polluted, tainted; corroded, crumbled, degenerated, deteriorated, disintegrated; decaying, decomposing, disintegrating, mildewy, moldering, moldy, putrefying, putrescent, rotting; gangrenousNear Antonyms fresh, good, sweet; preserved, pristine, uncontaminated, undefiled, unpolluted, unspoiled, untainted, untouchedAntonyms undecomposed

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