Synonyms and Antonyms of POUR

to cause to flow in a stream <she lifted the teakettle and poured some hot water from the spout>
Synonyms stream
to move in a stream <water gently pouring down the canal toward the dam>
Synonyms pour, roll, run, stream
Near Antonyms clot, coagulate, congeal, gel, harden, set
Antonyms back up
to flow out in great quantities or with force <tears pouring down his cheeks>
Antonyms dribble, drip, drop, trickle
to fall as water in a continuous stream of drops from the clouds <it's pouring outside, so you'd better take an umbrella>
Near Antonyms drizzle, mist, mizzle, spit, sprinkle
to give readily and in large quantities <repeatedly poured money into the revitalization of the downtown area>
Synonyms heap, lavish, pour, shower

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