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Synonyms and Antonyms of pitfall

  1. 1 a danger or difficulty that is hidden or not easily recognized <buying a house can be full of pitfalls for the unwary> Synonyms booby trap, catch, catch-22, gimmick, gotcha, hitch, joker, land mine, snag Related Words snare, trap, trip wire, web; hazard, peril, risk; bomb, bombshell, kicker, surprise (also surprize); bait, decoy, lure

  2. 2 something that may cause injury or harm <one of the pitfalls of ignorance is that people will also assume you're stupid> Synonyms hazard, imminence, menace, peril, danger, risk, threat, troubleRelated Words snare, trap; booby trapNear Antonyms guard, protection, safeguard, shield, ward; asylum, harbor, haven, refuge, retreat, shelter

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