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Synonyms and Antonyms of holder

  1. 1 one who has a legal or rightful claim to ownership <the holders of the land gave us permission to camp on it> Synonyms proprietor, owner, possessorRelated Words co-owner, coproprietor; landlord, landownerNear Antonyms squatter; lessee, renter, tenant

  2. 2 something into which a liquid or smaller objects can be put for storage or transportation <her hat made a good holder for the shells she collected on the beach> Synonyms container, receptacle, vesselRelated Words carrier; cartridge; basket, bin, box, caddy, carton, case, casket, crate, handbasket, locker, trunk; bag, hamper, pocket, sack; cooler, warmer; basin, bottle, bowl, bucket, can, jar, jug, keg, kettle, kit, pack, pail, pitcher, pot, tub, vat

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