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Synonyms and Antonyms of tenant

  1. 1 one who rents a room or apartment in another's house <the laundry in the basement is for tenants only> Synonyms boarder, lessee, lodger, renter, roomer Related Words cotenant, subtenant; flatmate [chiefly British], roommate (also roomie); guest, visitor; occupant, occupier, resident, resider Near Antonyms laird [chiefly Scottish], landholder, landowner, proprietor; landlady; slumlord; host, innkeeper, proprietor Antonyms landlord, lessor, letter

  2. 2 one who lives permanently in a place <the abandoned warehouse's only tenants are a band of squatters> Synonyms denizen, dweller, habitant, inhabiter, occupant, resident, resider, inhabitantRelated Words cohabitant, coresident; aborigine, native; citizen, national, subject; colonist, émigré (also emigré), migrant, newcomer, settler; burgher, local, localite, townee [chiefly British], townie (or towny), townsman, villagerNear Antonyms alien, foreigner, nonresident; guest, tourist, visitor; defector, emigrant, escaper, evacuee, exile, expatriate, refugeeAntonyms transient

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