Definition of BESPEAK

to arrange to have something (as a hotel room) held for one's future use <bespoke the rental car weeks in advance of their trip>
Synonyms bespeak, book
Related Words earmark; contract, engage, hire, retain
to make known (something abstract) through outward signs <her expression throughout the meeting bespoke great boredom>
to make a request for <milady bespoke our indulgence, inviting us to wait in the foyer while she attended to other matters>
Synonyms bespeak, call (for), desire, plead (for), quest, request, seek, solicit, speak (for), sue (for)
Related Words apply (for), beg (for), claim, clamor (for), importune, urge, wish (for); demand, enjoin, exact, insist (on), petition (for), press (for), require, requisition; invite, invoke
to serve as a sign or symptom of <her impressive virtuosity as a pianist bespeaks years of diligent practice>
Synonyms bespeak, betoken, denote, mean, point (to), signify, tell (of)
Related Words bode, foreshow, foretell, presage

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