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Synonyms and Antonyms of around

  1. having being at the present time <she's generally regarded as one of the most talented singers around> Synonyms alive, extant, existent, existing, livingRelated Words active, busy, flourishing, functioning, operating, workingNear Antonyms defunct, destroyed, exterminated, kaput (also kaputt); departed, gone, lost; nonexistent; idle, inactive, inertAntonyms dead, extinct, nonextant



Synonyms and Antonyms of around

  1. 1 on all sides or in every direction <he looked around> <butterflies were flying all around> Synonyms about, round Related Words all over, everyplace, everywhere; abroad, afloat, hereabouts (or hereabout)

  2. 2 toward the opposite direction <she turned around and saw him> Synonyms about, back, backward (or backwards), round Related Words behind, down, downward (or downwards), rearward (also rearwards); obversely, reversely; across, athwart, counter, counterclockwise, widdershins (also withershins) Near Antonyms clockwise, deasil

  3. 3 at, within, or to a short distance or time <our dog usually stays around our yard> <he'll be getting in around 6:00> Synonyms near, by, close, hard, in, nearby, nighRelated Words hereabouts (or hereabout), hereaway (or hereaways) [dialect], thereabouts (also thereabout); along, alongside; accessibly, conveniently, handily

  4. 4 from beginning to end <a team that plays all year around> Synonyms through, over, round, throughout

  5. 5 close to but not exactly <there's around a hundred books still left to be packed in boxes> Synonyms about, approximately, like, more or less, much, near, plus or minus, roughly, say, someRelated Words generally, kind of, loosely; nearly, nominally, practically, virtually, well-nighNear Antonyms due, even, just, sharp, smack-dab, squarelyAntonyms exactly, precisely

  6. 6 in one place and another <while typewriters can still be seen around, they are no longer the common office fixtures they once were> Synonyms about, here and there, passimRelated Words all over, everyplace, everywhere, far and wide, high and low, right and left, throughout, ubiquitouslyNear Antonyms nowhere



Synonyms and Antonyms of around

  1. 1 close to <I wouldn't stand around those rocks—there could be snakes under them> Synonyms about, by, near, next to, nigh Related Words alongside, beside; across, along, at; circa; toward (or towards) Phrases next door to

  2. 2 in random positions within the boundaries of <huge, strangely shaped rocks were scattered around the canyon floor> Synonyms about, across, over, round, through, throughout Related Words on

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