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Medical Dictionary


noun im·age \ˈim-ij\

Medical Definition of IMAGE

a :  the optical counterpart of an object produced by an optical device (as a lens or mirror) or an electronic device—see real image, virtual image b :  a likeness of an object produced on a photographic material
:  a mental picture or impression of something <had a negative body image of herself>: as a (1) :  a mental conception held in common by members of a group and symbolic of a basic attitude and orientation <the compassionate small-town family doctor, an image that the AMA deeply admires—Current Biography> (2) :  an idealized conception of a person and especially a parent that is formed by an infant or child, is retained in the unconscious, and influences behavior in later life <the overwhelming influence of the mother image—John Messenger>—called also imago b :  the memory of a perception in psychology that is modified by subsequent experience; also :  the representation of the source of a stimulus on a receptor mechanism
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