noun rep·li·ca \ˈre-pli-kə\

: an exact or very close copy of something

Full Definition of REPLICA

:  an exact reproduction (as of a painting) executed by the original artist <a replica of this was painted … this year — Constance Strachey>
:  a copy exact in all details <DNA makes a replica of itself> <sailed a replica of the Viking ship>; broadly :  copy <this faithful, pathetic replica of a Midwestern suburb — G. F. Kennan>

Examples of REPLICA

  1. We toured a replica of the ship.
  2. It's an authentic replica of an ancient Greek urn.

Origin of REPLICA

Italian, repetition, from replicare to repeat, from Late Latin, from Latin, to fold back — more at reply
First Known Use: 1824

Synonym Discussion of REPLICA

reproduction, duplicate, copy, facsimile, replica mean a thing made to closely resemble another. reproduction implies an exact or close imitation of an existing thing <reproductions from the museum's furniture collection>. duplicate implies a double or counterpart exactly corresponding to another thing <a duplicate of a house key>. copy applies especially to one of a number of things reproduced mechanically <printed 1000 copies of the lithograph>. facsimile suggests a close reproduction often of graphic matter that may differ in scale <a facsimile of a rare book>. replica implies the exact reproduction of a particular item in all details <a replica of the Mayflower> but not always in the same scale <miniature replicas of classic cars>.
REPLICA Defined for Kids


noun rep·li·ca \ˈre-pli-kə\

Definition of REPLICA for Kids

:  a very exact copy


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