Bartholin's gland

Bar·tho·lin's gland

noun \ˌbärt-əl-ənz-, ˌbär-thə-lənz-\


: either of two oval racemose glands lying one to each side of the lower part of the vagina and secreting a lubricating mucus—called also gland of Bartholin, greater vestibular gland; compare cowper's gland

Biographical Note for BARTHOLIN'S GLAND

Bar·tho·lin \bär-ˈtl-in\ , Caspar Thomèson (1655–1738), Danish anatomist. Belonging to a family that produced three generations of eminent anatomists, Bartholin made a number of significant contributions to anatomy. In 1675 he first described the glands in the female reproductive tract that are homologous to Cowper's glands in the male and that now honor his name.

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