noun wrin·kle \ˈriŋ-kəl\

: a small line or fold that appears on your skin as you grow older

: a small fold in the surface of clothing, paper, etc.

: a surprising or unexpected occurrence in a story or series of events

Full Definition of WRINKLE

:  a small ridge or furrow especially when formed on a surface by the shrinking or contraction of a smooth substance :  crease; specifically :  one in the skin especially when due to age, worry, or fatigue
a :  method, technique
b :  a change in a customary procedure or method
c :  something new or different :  innovation
wrin·kly \-k(ə-)lē\ adjective

Examples of WRINKLE

  1. Here's the latest wrinkle in the story—we find out that the villain is actually the hero's father!
  2. He has added some new wrinkles to his game.

Origin of WRINKLE

Middle English, back-formation from wrinkled twisted, winding, probably from Old English gewrinclod, past participle of gewrinclian to wind, from ge-, perfective prefix + -wrinclian (akin to wrencan to wrench) — more at co-
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with WRINKLE



: to develop wrinkles

: to cause (something) to develop wrinkles

wrin·kledwrin·kling \-k(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of WRINKLE

intransitive verb
:  to become marked with or contracted into wrinkles
transitive verb
:  to contract into wrinkles :  pucker

Examples of WRINKLE

  1. Moisture caused the wallpaper to wrinkle and peel.
  2. His brow wrinkled as he thought about the question.
  3. Try not to wrinkle your trousers.

First Known Use of WRINKLE

15th century


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