verb sprin·kle \ˈspriŋ-kəl\

: to drop or spread small pieces or amounts of something over something

: to put small drops of liquid on (someone or something)

: to rain lightly

sprin·kledsprin·kling \-k(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of SPRINKLE

transitive verb
:  to scatter in drops or particles
a :  to scatter over
b :  to scatter at intervals in or among :  dot <sprinkled the speech with quips>
c :  to wet lightly
intransitive verb
:  to scatter a liquid in fine drops
:  to rain lightly in scattered drops
sprin·kler \-k(ə-)lər\ noun

Examples of SPRINKLE

  1. He sprinkled water on the plants.
  2. I sprinkled grass seed over the soil.
  3. She sprinkled the clothes before ironing them.
  4. Is it raining? It's just sprinkling a little.

Origin of SPRINKLE

Middle English sprenklen, sprinclen; akin to Middle High German spreckel, sprenkel spot
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with SPRINKLE



: a light rain

: a small amount that is sprinkled on something

sprinkles : tiny candies that are put on top of a sweet food (such as ice cream)

Full Definition of SPRINKLE

:  the act or an instance of sprinkling; especially :  a light rain
plural :  small particles of candy used as a topping (as on ice cream) :  jimmies

Examples of SPRINKLE

  1. It rained last night, but it was just a sprinkle.
  2. She topped the pasta with a sprinkle of parsley.

First Known Use of SPRINKLE



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