verb \ˈraŋ-gəl\

: to argue angrily with someone

: to get (something) by clever methods or by persuading someone

: to control and care for (horses, cattle, etc.) on a ranch

wran·gledwran·gling \-g(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of WRANGLE

intransitive verb
:  to dispute angrily or peevishly :  bicker
:  to engage in argument or controversy
transitive verb
:  to obtain by persistent arguing or maneuvering :  wangle
[back-formation from wrangler] :  to herd and care for (livestock and especially horses) on the range

Examples of WRANGLE

  1. They were wrangling over money.
  2. He made a living wrangling horses.

Origin of WRANGLE

Middle English; akin to Old High German ringan to struggle — more at wring
First Known Use: 14th century



: a dispute that lasts for a long time

Full Definition of WRANGLE

:  an angry, noisy, or prolonged dispute or quarrel
:  the action or process of wrangling

Examples of WRANGLE

  1. They had a bitter wrangle over custody of their children.
  2. <there was a bit of a wrangle over how much money to give the high school for its sports programs>

First Known Use of WRANGLE

15th century


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