verb un·tan·gle \ˌən-ˈtaŋ-gəl\

: to separate (things that are twisted together) : to remove the twists or knots in (something)

Full Definition of UNTANGLE

transitive verb
:  to loose from tangles or entanglement :  straighten out <untangle a knot> <untangle a mystery>

Examples of UNTANGLE

  1. She carefully untangled the child's hair.
  2. He untangled the garden hose.

First Known Use of UNTANGLE


Synonym Discussion of UNTANGLE

extricate, disentangle, untangle, disencumber, disembarrass mean to free from what binds or holds back. extricate implies the use of care or ingenuity in freeing from a difficult position or situation <extricated himself from financial difficulties>. disentangle and untangle suggest painstaking separation of a thing from other things <disentangling fact from fiction> <untangle a web of deceit>. disencumber implies a release from something that clogs or weighs down <an article disencumbered of jargon>. disembarrass suggests a release from something that impedes or hinders <disembarrassed herself of her advisers>.
UNTANGLE Defined for Kids


verb un·tan·gle \ˌən-ˈtaŋ-gəl\

Definition of UNTANGLE for Kids

:  to remove a tangle from
:  to straighten out <You need to untangle your money situation.>


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