noun wind·up \ˈwīnd-ˌəp\

: the things that are done at the end of something (such as an event or process) : the final part of something

baseball : the movements that a pitcher makes before the ball is thrown

wind-up : something done or said in usually a joking way to make someone annoyed or upset

Full Definition of WINDUP

a :  the act of bringing to an end
b :  a concluding act or part :  finish
a :  a series of regular and distinctive motions (as swinging the arms) made by a pitcher preparatory to releasing a pitch
b :  an exaggerated backswing (as in tennis)

Examples of WINDUP

  1. the windup of the negotiations
  2. He went into the windup, then threw the pitch.
  3. a pitcher with an unusual windup
  4. Her brother's act was just a wind-up to get her angry.

First Known Use of WINDUP


Rhymes with WINDUP

act up, add up, backup, back up, balls-up, ball up, bang-up, bear up, beat-up, belt up, bid up, blowup, blow up, bone up, bound up, breakup, break up, bring up, brush up, buck up, buildup, build up, built-up, bulk up, bung up, buy up, call-up, catch-up, chalk up, checkup, chin-up, choose up, clam up, cleanup, clean up, close-up, cock-up, come up, cough up, crack-up, cry up, curl up, cutup, cut up, dial-up, dig up, doll up, do up, draw up, dream up, dress up, dried-up, drive-up, drum up, dry up, dustup, eggcup, eyecup, faceup, face up, fed up, feel up, fetch up, fill-up, fix up, flare-up, foul-up, foul up, frame-up, fry-up, gang up, gear up, getup, get up, give up, go up, grade up, grown-up, grow up, hand up, hang-up, hang up, hard up, heads-up, hepped up, het up, hiccup, hitch up, holdup, hold up, hole up, hookup, hook up, hopped-up, hot up, hung up, hyped-up, jack-up, jam-up, juice up, keep up, kickup, kick up, kingcup, knock up, lash-up, lead-up, leg up, letup, let up, lie up, line up, linkup, lit up, lockup, lookup, look up, louse up, made-up, makeup, make up, markup, matchup, mix-up, mixed-up, mock-up, mop-up, muck up, mug up, nip-up, one-up, pass up, pasteup, pay up, pickup, pick up, pileup, pinup, pipe up, play up, pop-up, post up, press-up, pull-up, pump up, punch-up, push-up, put-up, rack up, rake up, re-up, ring up, roll up, roundup, round up, rub up, run-up, scare up, screwup, screw up, send-up, setup, set up, sew up, shack up, shake-up, shape-up, shape up, shook-up, shoot up, show up, shut up, sign up, sit-up, size up, slap-up, slipup, slip up, smashup, souped-up, soup up, speak up, speedup, spiffed-up, spit up, stack up, stand-up, start-up, steam up, step up, stepped-up, stickup, stick up, stink up, strike up, stuck-up, sum up, sunup, tag up, take up, talk up, tart up, teacup, tear up, throw up, thumbs-up, tie-up, top up, toss-up, touch-up, trade up, trumped-up, tune-up, turn up, use up, wait up, walk-up, warm-up, washed-up, washup, wised-up, workup, work up, wrap-up, write-up



: having a motor that is given power when someone turns a handle

Full Definition of WINDUP

:  operated by a spring mechanism wound by hand

Examples of WINDUP

  1. She has an old windup record player in her attic.

First Known Use of WINDUP

WINDUP Defined for Kids


noun wind·up \ˈwīnd-ˌəp\

Definition of WINDUP for Kids

:  the last part of something :  finish
:  a swing of a baseball pitcher's arm before the pitch is thrown


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