verb \ˈhwäp, ˈwäp\
whopped or whappedwhop·ping or whap·ping

Definition of WHOP

transitive verb
:  to pull or whip out
a :  beat, strike
b :  to defeat totally

Variants of WHOP

whop or whap \ˈhwäp, ˈwäp\

Examples of WHOP

  1. <despite high hopes, the hometown favorites got whopped again>
  2. <maybe if that television station replaced its obnoxious news anchor, it wouldn't get consistently whopped in the ratings>

Origin of WHOP

Middle English whappen, alteration of wappen to throw violently
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with WHOP



Definition of WHOP

:  a heavy blow :  thump

Variants of WHOP

whop also whap

Examples of WHOP

  1. <the doctor gave my knee a little whop with his mallet to test my reflexes>

First Known Use of WHOP

14th century


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