adjective \ˈvī(-ə)l\

: evil or immoral

: very bad or unpleasant

vil·er \ˈvī-lər\ vil·est \-ləst\

Full Definition of VILE

a :  morally despicable or abhorrent <nothing is so vile as intellectual dishonesty>
b :  physically repulsive :  foul <a vile slum>
:  of little worth or account :  common; also :  mean
:  tending to degrade <vile employments>
:  disgustingly or utterly bad :  obnoxious, contemptible <vile weather> <had a vile temper>
vile·ly \ˈvī(-ə)l-lē\ adverb
vile·ness noun

Examples of VILE

  1. a vile and cowardly act
  2. What is that vile odor?
  3. His comments were positively vile.
  4. She has a vile temper.

Origin of VILE

Middle English, from Anglo-French vil, from Latin vilis
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to VILE

black, dark, evil, immoral, iniquitous, nefarious, rotten, sinful, unethical, unlawful, unrighteous, unsavory, vicious, bad, villainous, wicked, wrong
decent, ethical, good, honest, honorable, just, moral, right, righteous, sublime, upright, virtuous
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