noun \ˈmī(-ə)l\

: a unit of measurement equal to 5,280 feet (about 1,609 meters)

miles : a great distance

: a race that is a mile long

Full Definition of MILE

:  any of various units of distance: as
a :  a unit equal to 5280 feet — see weight table
b :  nautical mile
:  a race of a mile
:  a relatively great distance, degree, or interval —used chiefly adverbially in plural <was miles ahead of them in education>
a mile a minute
:  with great speed <talking a mile a minute>

Examples of MILE

  1. We passed mile after mile of beautiful scenery as we drove through the country.
  2. We traveled over miles of dirt road.
  3. The car was traveling at 70 miles per hour.
  4. We were miles from home.
  5. We still have miles to go.
  6. The beach stretched on for miles and miles.

Origin of MILE

Middle English, from Old English mīl, from Latin milia miles, from milia passuum, literally, thousands of paces, from milia, plural of mille thousand
First Known Use: before 12th century

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