noun \ˈī(-ə)l\

: a passage between sections of seats in a church, theater, airplane, etc.

: a passage where people walk through a store, market, etc.

Full Definition of AISLE

:  the side of a church nave separated by piers from the nave proper
a (1) :  a passage (as in a theater or railroad passenger car) separating sections of seats (2) :  such a passage regarded as separating opposing parties in a legislature <supported by members on both sides of the aisle>
b :  a passage (as in a store or warehouse) for inside traffic

Examples of AISLE

  1. The bride walked down the aisle to the altar.
  2. By the end of the concert, the people in the theater were dancing in the aisles.

Origin of AISLE

Middle English ile, alteration of ele, from Anglo-French, literally, wing, from Latin ala; akin to Old English eaxl shoulder, Latin axis axletree — more at axis
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Architecture Terms

buttress, casita, cornice, fanlight, garret, lintel, parapet, pilaster, plinth

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