noun \ˈvān\

: a thin, flat or curved object that is attached to a wheel and that moves when air or water pushes it

Full Definition of VANE

a :  a movable device attached to an elevated object (as a spire) for showing the direction of the wind
b :  one that is changeable or inconstant
:  a thin flat or curved object that is rotated about an axis by a flow of fluid or that rotates to cause a fluid to flow or that redirects a flow of fluid <the vanes of a windmill>
:  the web or flat expanded part of a feather — see feather illustration
:  a feather fastened to the shaft near the nock of an arrow
vaned \ˈvānd\ adjective

Examples of VANE

  1. the vanes of a windmill

Origin of VANE

Middle English (southern dialect), from Old English fana banner; akin to Old High German fano cloth, Latin pannus cloth, rag
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Climate/Meteorology Terms

monsoon, occlusion, ozone, rime, squall, zephyr


biographical name \ˈvān\

Definition of VANE

Sir Henry 1613–1662 the Younger Eng. statesman


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