verb un·wind \-ˈwīnd\

: to move the end of something (such as a piece of string) that is wound in a roll, coil, etc., so that it becomes straight

: to relax and stop thinking about work, problems, etc.


Full Definition of UNWIND

transitive verb
a :  to cause to uncoil :  wind off :  unroll
b :  to free from or as if from a binding or wrapping
c :  to release from tension :  relax
archaic :  to trace to the end <unwinding the labryinth and bringing the hero out — Laurence Sterne>
:  to undo (a financial arrangement or position) through the necessary legal or financial steps <unwound most of its natural gas hedges — New York Times>
intransitive verb
:  to become uncoiled or disentangled :  unfold
:  to become released from tension <take a bath to unwind>

Examples of UNWIND

  1. She unwound some thread from the spool.
  2. The fishing line unwound quickly.
  3. I wanted to unwind after a hard day.

First Known Use of UNWIND

14th century
UNWIND Defined for Kids


verb un·wind \ˌən-ˈwīnd\
un·wound \-ˈwand\un·wind·ing

Definition of UNWIND for Kids

:  to uncoil a strand of <I unwound yarn from a ball.> <The fishing line unwound from the reel.>
:  relax 4


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