verb \-ˈrōl\

: to make (something that has been rolled) flat : to smooth out (something that is rolled up)

: to make (something) known in a public or formal way

: to happen as time passes

Full Definition of UNROLL

transitive verb
:  to unwind a roll of :  open out :  uncoil
:  to spread out like a scroll for reading or inspection :  unfold, reveal
intransitive verb
:  to be unrolled :  unwind

Examples of UNROLL

  1. He carefully unrolled the ancient scroll.
  2. I unrolled the new carpet.
  3. When we arrived at the cabin, we unrolled our sleeping bags.
  4. The hose will unroll if you pull on it.
  5. Last week, the government unrolled a new vaccination campaign.
  6. The scandal unrolled over the course of several weeks.

First Known Use of UNROLL

15th century


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