verb \ˌən-ˈste-dē\

Definition of UNSTEADY

transitive verb
:  to make unsteady

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: not standing or moving in a steady and balanced way

: shaking or moving because of nervousness, weakness, etc.

: not happening or proceeding in a smooth and constant way

Full Definition of UNSTEADY

:  not steady: as
a :  not firm or solid :  not fixed in position :  unstable
b :  marked by change or fluctuation :  changeable
c :  not uniform or even :  irregular <an unsteady pulse>
un·stead·i·ly \-ˈste-də-lē\ adverb
un·stead·i·ness \-ˈste-dē-nəs\ noun

Examples of UNSTEADY

  1. He was a little unsteady on his feet.
  2. The horse walked with an unsteady gait.
  3. He signed his name with an unsteady hand.
  4. The progress of the work has been unsteady.
  5. a period of unsteady growth

First Known Use of UNSTEADY


Rhymes with UNSTEADY


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